Using Your Online Tools

Accessing and Using Your Walk for the Animals Participant Center

Your Participant Center contains tools to help you quickly and easily maximize your fundraising activity and raise the most money by enabling you to encourage people that you know to support this cause with monetary support or join in the fundraising. You can also quickly determine how much more money you would like to collect for this fundraiser and locate suggestions for raising it.

Log Into the Site

The Login button appears at the top of any Walk for the Animals page.

In the User Name field, enter the username you supplied when you registered for the Walk for the Animals. (Note: If an administrator registered you, you should have received an email with this information.)

In the Password field, enter the password string that corresponds to the username you entered above.

Select Remember me? if you would like the Participant Center to remember your login information. When this option is selected, you do not need to enter your login information each time you access the Participant Center. (Note: We recommend using this setting on a trusted, private computer.)

Click Log In.

Display Your Participant Center

Once you are logged in, at the top of any Walk for the Animals page, click Participant Center. Your Participant Center Home Page displays.

More Participant Center help:

Click here for online help using your Participant Center.

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